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The STEM Institute has created a two-fold STEM program that increases youth interest in the possibilities of STEM education and career pathways.

  Bridge Portal - Virtual Advisor is an online mentoring platform.
  • As protégés, students either self-select or are assigned a mentor.
  • Protégés and mentors will create time sensitive goals and work towards those goals through online conversations.
  • Virtual Advisor will also serve as a medium to deliver online STEM content simulations to protégés for inquiry based learning and further discussion with mentors.
  • All communications will be same-time delivered to each protégé’s parents/guardians for oversight.

Engineering Room - Interactive Learning uses STEM kits to build underwater remotely operated vehicles (ROV).

  • Utilizing SeaPerch, trained Navy League volunteers teach students STEM topics in a fun and hands-on environment.
  • The creation of the underwater ROV provides opportunities for mentoring days, especially when students wire and solder their own circuit board.
  • The program introduces STEM careers through curriculum focused on materials, design, buoyancy, displacement, motor movement, soldering, vectors, circuits and switches, depth measurement, biological sampling and other topics.
  • Councils will host a yearly competition to test their ROV’s agility and speed.

Interested in helping us grow the program and inspire more students? Please contact:
Stacy McFarland
Staff Vice President, Development and Programs

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The STEM Institute has created a two-fold STEM program that increases youth interest in the possibilities of STEM education and career pathways. Click here to learn more.

Become a Mentor

If you would like to become a mentor, please review the information here! We cannot promote these programs without your help, so we thank you in advance!

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