National Officers

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National President Skip Witunski
National President-Elect David Todd
Advisory Council Chair Bill Stevenson
National Vice Presidents  
Maria-Isabel Dickey STEM
John Jay Donnelly Sea Services
Patricia Du Mont Development
Lisa Gallinat Public Relations & Information Technology
Thomas Jaffa Organizational Development & Awards
Geoffrey Prosch Legislative Affairs
David Reilly Field Services, Training, Council Activities
Eleanor Samuels Membership
Warren Savage Youth Programs
Dan Thys Corporate & International Affairs
National Corporate Secretary Pamela Ammerman
- Assistant National Corporate Secretary Jim Lasher, Patrick Pang
National Treasurer Alan Kaplan
National Judge Advocate Donald Mooers
- Deputy National Judge Advocate Boyd Dunn, Art Fisher, Elizabeth Hapner
Sea Cadets Chairman John Alger
National Chaplains Rabbi William Kloner, Herb Goetz

National Committees Reporting to the National President (NLUS Staff Point of Contact):
  Bylaws Committee   Ryan Donaldson
  National Meetings Committee
  Jeanne Ellinport
  Navy League Foundation   Jeanne Ellinport
  Nominating Committee
  Jennifer Thompson
  Proxy Committee
  Jennifer Thompson

Region & Area Presidents


National Directors

  * equals non-apportioned to region    

Region President - Caribbean/Latin America - Thomas Hoffman*

Area Presidents
Oscar Ward - Caribbean/Latin America
  National Directors
Thomas Hoffman
Oscar Ward

Region President - Empire  - Roger Bing*

Area Presidents
T. T. Mason - Eastern New York
Charles Alaimo - Western New York
Louis DiGiusto - Western Connecticut
  National Directors
Charles Alaimo
Roger Bing
Louis DiGiusto
Louis Liotti
Thomas McGloin
Daniel M. Thys
Owen Watford

Region President - Europe - Nicholas Hayes*

  Area Presidents   National Director
Nicholas Hayes

Region President - Florida - John Vargo*

Area Presidents
Lynn Drucker - Southern Florida
Gerard St. Germain - Central Florida
David Sullivan - North Florida
  National Directors
Robert Buehn
Lynn Drucker
Patricia Du Mont
William Dudley
Joe Giambrone
Elaine Hogg
Brian Kennedy
J. M. McGrath
Donald Mooers
Michael Motko
Judith Plotz-Brannigan
Robert Price
William Sanchez
Gerard St. Germain
David C. Sullivan
John Vargo
Skip Witunski

Region President - Great Lakes -  James Semerad*

  Area Presidents
Dennis Behr - Wisconsin
Theodore Rock - Illinois
G. D. Steel - Indiana
Robert Wilson - Michigan
  National Directors
Denny Behr
Bobby Ferguson
Timothy Flatley
Gerald Moskwa
Patricia Ann Posey
Theodore Rock
James Semerad
Robert Wilson
Roycealee Wood

Region President - Liberty - Paula Bozdech-Veater*

Area Presidents
Linda Ashbey - New Jersey
Harry Boyd - Ohio
  National Directors
Linda L. Ashbey
Richard Ashbey
Harry M. Boyd
Paula Bozdech-Veater
William R. Keller
Udo Maroscher
Michael McGhee
Patrick E. Pang
James H. Waller

Region President - Lone Star - Felix Keeley*

Area Presidents
Nick Harper - Central Texas
Bob Scholes - North Texas
  National Directors
Jeanie Coffey
Anne Harper
Nick Harper
Tim Hunsberger
Felix Keeley
Travis LaGrone
Max Miller
Mary Virginia Pittman-Waller
Jack F. Ritter, Jr.
Mary Ritter
Bob Scholes
Donald B. Walker

Region President - Mid-Atlantic - Lee Gurke*

Area Presidents
Rufus Godwin - Nation's Capital
  National Directors
Mary Ellen Baldwin
William Crow
John Jay Donnelly
Helen Fitzgerald
Jon Gallinetti
John Griffing
Lee Gurke
Timothy Hanifen
Charlie Hautua
Alan Kaplan
Jonathan Kaskin
Bethany Klein
Fred Latrash
Dale Lumme
James Mathieu
Susan Mayfield
Tim Moon
Geoffrey Prosch
Norbert Smith
John Snedeker
Michael Werbowetzki

Region President - Midwest - Jack Rush*

Area Presidents
Ward Cook - Central Midwest
Charles E. Gudmunson - Lower Midwest
Robert Wefald - Upper Midwest
  National Directors
Dr. R.C. Brooks
Ward Cook
James H. Erlinger
Gwen Larson
Keith A. Larson
Lee Metcalf
John Rush

Region President - New England - Shirley Hill*

Area Presidents
  National Directors
Porter Davis
Shirley Hill
William Kelley
Tommasina A. Olson
David Samuels
Eleanor Samuels

Region President - Northwest - Dick Devlin*

Area Presidents
Alan R Beam - Northwest Coastal
Scott Guptill - Columbia Pacific
Steve Waylett - Greater Northwest
  National Directors
Barbara Bailey
Alan Beam
Dick Devlin
Scott Guptill
Mark Haller
Diane Jaffa
Thomas Jaffa
Roger Olsen
Ken Sparks
Edwin Stiles
David Todd
Steve Waylett

Region President - Pacific - Jeff Brown*

Area Presidents
Donald Morrison - Hawaii
David Rucker - Greater Pacific
  National Directors
P. Pasha Baker
Jeff Brown
Carlyle Devoe
Carole Hickerson
James Hickerson
Don Hodge
David C. Livingston
Bob McDermott
Donald Morrison
Lawrence Osborn
Nora Ruebrook

Region President - Pacific Central - Tom Winant*

Area Presidents
Carey Barnecut - Northern California
Carrie Barnecut - San Francisco Bay
Darrell Fike - Northern Nevada
Carol Hackley - Central California
  National Directors
Carey Barnecut
Carrie Barnecut
Thomas Cropper
Darrell Fike
Carol Ann Hackley
T. Cole Hackley
Don Hale
Phelps Hobart
Bonnie Potter
Marlene Reinecke
Virginia F. Stinnett-Gibson
Thomas Winant

Region President - Pacific Southwest - Joan Mitchell*

Area Presidents
Ronald Fried - San Diego / Imperial Valley
Douglas Fulton - CA Mid-Coast / Inland Valley
Pamela Silver - Greater Los Angeles
William Stevenson - Arizona
Andrew Truelson - CA Coast / Inland Empire
  National Directors
Paul Abelquist
Pamela Ammerman
James P. Bras
David Dickey
Maria-Isabel Dickey
Gaylla Finnell
Ron Fried
Douglas Fulton
Lisa Gallinat
Theodore Gallinat
Dean Hager
Micah Kinsler
William Lauper
Jay Lott
Jake McManus
Joan Mitchell
Walt Natzic
Raymond Nelson
Ray Roth
Warren Savage
Pamela Silver
Bill Stevenson III
Andrew Truelson
Jan Truelson
Julian Wright

Region President - Rocky Mountain - Angie McKinstry*

  Area Presidents
Stephen Kelly – Northern (Wyoming, Utah)
Charles Vaughan – Southern (Colorado, New Mexico)
  National Directors
Richard M. Cooper
Stephen W. Kelly
Angie McKinstry
Dan Puleio

Region President - South Atlantic Coast - Jefferson Alexander*

Area Presidents
John Alger - North Carolina
Keith Post - Georgia
  National Directors
Jefferson Alexander
John Alger
Cheryl Aston
Thomas J. Brown
Donald A. Giles
Robert Gillham
Patrick Keaveny
Sheila McNeill
James Offutt
Keith Post
David Reilly
Thomas Wright
Patricia Yovich

Region President - Southern - Tom Pruter*

Area Presidents
Mark Harden - East Gulf Coast
Mark McDonald - Central Gulf Coast
William Whiddon - West Gulf Coast
  National Directors
Curt Goldacker
Mark Harden
Billy Hewitt
Rickter Justice
Mark McDonald
Nancy Pruter
Tom Pruter
Walter H. Reese
Dan Saieed
John Spittler
Bobbie Ann Whiddon
William Whiddon


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