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Navy League of the United States
2300 Wilson Boulevard
Suite 200
Arlington, VA 22201-5424

Phone: 703.528.1775
Toll free: 800.356.5760
FAX: 703.528.2333

The switchboard is open from 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. (Eastern), Monday-Friday.

  Name   Title/Position   Email  
  National President
  James Offutt   National President      
  Executive Director
  Bruce Butler   National Executive Director   ExecDirector@navyleague.org  
  Executive Secretary
  Aubrey Collier   Staff Director, Field Services and Council Operations   acollier@navyleague.org  
  Regional Activities
  William Waylett   Senior Director, Regional Activities   wwaylett@navyleague.org  
  Communications & IT Services
  Amy Wittman   Staff Vice President, Communications   awittman@navyleague.org  
  Donald Cheatham   Senior Manager, IT & Web Services      
      SEAPOWER Magazine      
  Amy Wittman   Editor in Chief   awittman@navyleague.org  
  Peter Atkinson   Deputy Editor      
  Rick Burgess   Managing Editor      
  Kerri Carpenter   Director of Publications      
  Corporate Affairs & Membership Services
  Kevin Traver   Staff Vice President, Corporate Affairs and Membership   CorporateRelations@navyleague.org  
  Cynthia Bryant   Senior Director, Membership Services   Service@navyleague.org  
  Lindsey Lassiter   Director, Corporate Business Development      
  Leticia Click   Director, Corporate Affairs      
  Aimee Freeman   Senior Manager, Member Services      
  Evan Martella   Member Services Representative      
  Marcel Angles   Member Services Representative      
  Fred Beer   International Programs      
  Development & Programs
  Stacy McFarland   Staff Vice President, Development & Programs   Development@navyleague.org  
  Emily Lefler   Program Assistant      
  Ryan Donaldson   Corporate Counsel & Acting Senior Director of Contracts & Finance      
  Pirjo Toivanen   Financial Controller      
  Laura McKaskel   Senior Accountant      
  Luana McMurray-Hodges   Senior Accountant      
  Governmental Operations & Administration
  Sara Fuentes   Staff Vice President, Governmental Operations & Administration   LegislativeAffairs@navyleague.org  
  Oscar Arrieta   Manager, Mail Room & Supplies      
  Chris Bennett   Manager, Government Relations and Administrative Services      
  Karin Beswick   Executive Assistant      
  Meetings & Events
  Kevyan Sly   Director, Meetings & Events   Events@navyleague.org  
  Nichole Bolen   Senior Manager, Executive Events      

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